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    Heloo there my dear gamers, today i am adressing to you all in this article of the most memorable FPS online multipplayer games of 2015. Well, about Battlefield Hardline, this will 100% blow your minds out of your skulls. Visceral games is counting on the most popular kids game COPS vs CRIMINALS, wich is also the most popular adult dilema: PEOPLE vs the SYSTEM ( the guvernament are incorporated here ).  This will be 100% a SUCCES, i am very fuckin' curious who will play as COPS...

, except the little kids; i think here will be a problem with the autobalance and shit - you know. On the other side there is a CRYENGINE with the HOMEFRONT revolution, wich is also PEOPLE  vs  SYSTEM. Call of Duty advanced warfighter ? it doesn't worth mentioning, this guys have to change theyr habbits. We all also are looking forward to Battlefront II. LONG LIVE DTV

 Homefront: The Revolution

 Battlefield Hardline

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